We spend more and more time in our homes (an estimated 50%), and the air we breathe contains suspended internal pollutants (materials used in building) and external (smoke, smog, CO₂). A poorly ventilated room determines a higher moisture content, which favors the formation and concentration of molds, mites, fungi, bacteria and pollutants. Open the windows in air-conditioned ambients is a waste of energy and allows noise to enter ...

The solution is a "forced" airing system always in operation, replacing windows opening: minimum airing and better air quality ... in other words high level of comfort with low energy demand!

The system of ventilation can be "centralized" or "decentralized"

Centralized mechanical ventilation is ideal for new homes or existing with relevant restructuring: through ducts and vents the air is sucked from the service rooms (kitchen, bathrooms, laundry), with its load of humidity, pollutants and odors, filtered and passed through the heat exchanger and finally discharged outside. In the high efficiency heat exchanger - the heart of the system - almost all the heat is transferred to the fresh outdoor air which is sucked, filtered and treated (depending on the season heated, cooled or dehumidified) and entered in the noble rooms (living room and bedrooms) through channels and grids.

The decentralized ventilation is the best solution for buildings where you want to make a slight restructuring: cheap, easy to install (hole in the wall and power supply), simple maintenance.