We spend more and more time indoors even outside our home (40-50%), whether they are office, factory, gym, restaurant, etc., and the air we breathe contains suspended pollutants internal (materials used in construction) and external (smoke, smog, CO₂). A poorly ventilated room is definitely an unhealthy environment, which affects the quality of life and work.

The energy consumption for heating, cooling, ventilation and sanitary hot water is an increasingly important item in the budget of a building, and improved energy efficiency has become a priority in the building sector: European Directives have been issued with the task of setting the minimum for the construction of new buildings and major renovation of existing buildings.

Buildings with "nearly zero energy" will become the standard for construction of new buildings within the 31/12/2020: buildings with high energy class and passive buildings (covering most of their energy needs with minimal energy source, using alternative sources). The double flow mechanical ventilation will be more and more essential in the new buildings.

Mechanical ventilation is commonly applied in new offices and shopping complexes, schools, health clubs and gyms, hotels and restaurants, museums, cinemas and theaters, manufacturing environments, supermarkets. The unit can be placed on the floor, at ceiling or outside.