I think having land and not ruining it
is the most beautiful art that anybody
could ever want to own.
-Andy Warhol-

Holiday closing 202021 Feb 20

Holiday closing 2020

Calendar 2020 with the holiday closing Holiday closing 2020
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New residential unit: MICRO-FLAT15 Jan 20

New residential unit: MICRO-FLAT

High efficiency heat recovery ventilation unit with double flow for residential buildings. There are two versions: MICRO-FLAT AC and MICRO-FLAT EC. More
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Residential units in mirrored version22 Nov 19

Residential units in mirrored version

Available the mirrored versions of the residential units: FLAT, HRE-RES, MICRO-REV, REVERSUS and UVD. More informations in the technical data sheets
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NZEB buildings27 Feb 19

NZEB buildings

nZEB ie almost zero energy building (almost zero energy buildings) it is a definition used to identify a building with almost
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Talking about the umidity13 Dec 17

Talking about the umidity

Balanced humidity similar to the balanced ventilation in our daily indoor environments in which we live and work in, is
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What is MOLD?29 Aug 17

What is MOLD?

The mold is a mushroom that we can find on foods or in the presence of moisture. In itself, mold does
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