I think having land and not ruining it
is the most beautiful art that anybody
could ever want to own.
-Andy Warhol-

New UHS – unité de ventilation mécanique contrôlée pour écoles18 Oct 23

New UHS – unité de ventilation mécanique contrôlée pour écoles

In the modern education landscape, student safety and comfort are fundamental elements.One of the often overlooked, but vitally important, aspects
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New range of PPE units13 Oct 23

New range of PPE units

We have created a new range of PPE machines called BREVA; The innovative expanded propylene material guarantees superior thermal insulation
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Electricity certificate of origin 2023 CLAUTEK28 Feb 23

Electricity certificate of origin 2023 CLAUTEK

All the green electricity used by CLAUTEK in 2023 is produced by the water plant of Grosio (SO)
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NZEB buildings27 Feb 19

NZEB buildings

nZEB ie almost zero energy building (almost zero energy buildings) it is a definition used to identify a building with almost
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Talking about the umidity13 Dec 17

Talking about the umidity

Balanced humidity similar to the balanced ventilation in our daily indoor environments in which we live and work in, is
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What is MOLD?29 Aug 17

What is MOLD?

The mold is a mushroom that we can find on foods or in the presence of moisture. In itself, mold does
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